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When an agreement on how many passengers, the date and the time is made, you will receive a confirmation e-mail together with a 50% deposit invoice to confirm your reservation.


Norwegian customers

For Norwegian customers, the deposit can be paid using VIPPS - no 571999 (A Day On Earth). Please enter your name and date of the reservation on the transaction.


Foreign customers

Foreign customers will receive an invoice in accordance with the above rule for confirmation of reservation, this will be due immediately. If we have not received payment within 2 days the reservation will automatically be canceled and open for others. 



As this can mean direct loss to us the following routines apply:


  • All cancellations must be submitted by mail to booking@adayonearth.no

  • In the event of cancellation within 14 days, A Day On Earth retains the already paid deposit. 

  • In the event of cancellation within 7 days, A Day On Earth retains the already paid deposit and 25% of the agreed total amount. 

  • In the event of cancellation less than 7 days the customer will be invoiced 100%. 

  • Weather is no reason for cancellation and is no money back guarantee.

A Day On Earth is given the opportunity to cancel the event if the weather conditions is considered indefensible to conduct the event. 

In such cases the customer will receive full refund.




After the tour, the customer will receive an invoice at the end of the event by email and must be paid immediately by VISA or MASTERCARD (or VIPPS for Norwegian customers). A final invoice will be sent by email to the customer no later than 5 days prior to the event.



  • The hourly rate is calculated from the time the vessel is booked and until the last guest is ashore.

  • Vessel rental is valid per full hour. Minimum lease is specified in our price list. 

  • If the tour ends before the agreed time, the client will be charged for the agreed rental time. 

  • The rent includes administration, fuel consumption, vessel and passenger insurance (P&I), harbour fees, captain and additional crew if needed.

  • Harbour fees may apply at certain piers in the Oslo Fjord and may be subject to additional charges.


4. FOOD DINING (Vessel)


We offer food ordering from nearby restaurants that offer take-away, and will collect it in advance of your trip. This is charged NOK 1.500 extra. We need to know the number of passengers 3 days in advance of the reservation, and if there are any allergies. 


Food can also be organised personally to be brought on board. 

5. ALCOHOL (Vessel)


All our vessels are licensed for beer and wine. Serving alcohol on our vessels is subject to the same regulations as for restaurants. Therefore it is not allowed to bring drinks personally on board our vessels, since both vessels will offer beer and wine for sale. This is something the customer is obliged to make their guests aware of.

A day On Earth is obliged to reject passengers who are intoxicated at pickup, or during the trip. Violation of these or other provisions is to be considered a serious breach of contract, and gives the captain, on the basis of his own safety assessment, the right to cancel the entire event and / or put passengers ashore. The client is liable for the losses the shipping company suffers due to such circumstances. Serving og alcohol ends 20 min before tour ends. 




A Day On Earth disclaims any liability for loss of life, injury to person or object that can be validly deducted pursuant to Chapter 6 of the Norwegian Maritime Act, or other losses due to a breakdown or an outage.


In addition, the limitation of liability applies in accordance with Chapter 10 of the Norwegian Maritime Act. We do not take responsibility for lost or abandoned items on board. Removed items will, at the earliest opportunity, be placed in the shipping company's office and can be collected here. A Day On Earth does not replace damaged or lost clothing or items that are not due to gross negligence.




The captain on board the vessel has overall responsibility for passengers and crew and therefore the guests are obliged to follow directions given by him or someone he authorises. If the captain has to go to the dock earlier then agreed and it is due to the behaviour of the guests, the event will be charged in full.